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Tree Stump Grinding and Removal Services

After the removal of a tree is successful, there is still a stump leftover. Most of our clients prefer to have this removed as it can take years and years for a tree stump to naturally disappear. 

A tree stump, whether it is from a large or small tree, can be annoying to have in your garden or on your property. Remaining tree stumps have even been known to be trip hazards or damage vehicles when they are hard to see. Additionally, they have been known to cause dangerous root rot diseases, such as the honey fungus, to spread to other vegetation and trees in your garden, causing them to die as well.

So when you have a tree removed, we recommend removing the tree stump as well! Stump grinding will reduce waisted space and gives you the opportunity to replant the garden or have the area landscaped.

The Process of Tree Stump Grinding or Tree Stump Removal

To remove a tree stump, we perform a process called tree stump grinding. Above The Rest Tree Care has recently upgraded its stump grinder to provide the quickest and most efficient tree stump grinding service in the Ulladulla area.

A stump grinder is a specialised piece of equipment that can only be operated by trained arborists. In essence, a tree stump grinder is a machine that grinds the stump down to around 30-40 cm below ground level. This allows you to forget it was ever there or even plant your vegetable garden right on top of what used to be a tree.

Most tree removal services only include the removal of trees to ground level, leaving the tree stump intact. At Above The Rest Tree Care, however, tree stump removal or grinding is offered as a part of our comprehensive tree services. We are proudly a one-stop-shop for all your tree services in the Ulladulla region, stump grinding included!

FAQ: What if a stump grinder cannot be used?

Sometimes tree stumps cannot be removed by using the stump grinder. There are, however, a few other methods that we can use to remove stumps:

  • Leveraged removal: Sometimes we need to dig around the stump, either manually or with the appropriate equipment, to remove the stump. We will make sure that the roots get detached from the base of the stump through leveraging the stump and using a chain block system which then lifts the stump out of the ground. This safe procedure takes a bit longer than using a stump grinder, but it will effectively remove your pesky stump.


  • Manual removal: We’re not going to lie, digging out a tree stump manually is not an easy or a fast process. However, in some circumstances, it is the best way. This can be the ideal solution when there is for example a pipe or electrical service running through the roots or base of the stump.


  • Chemical removal: The last method means that we apply a chemical stump removal product onto the stump. These chemicals normally consist out of potassium nitrate (KNO3), a substance that will slowly rot the stump over a period of 4-6 weeks. This will then allow us to remove the stump piece by piece.


These alternative processes will effectively remove a stump, but it will be a much slower process. Therefore, we always make sure that the fast and efficient method of using the stump grinder will be our first course of action.

Mulching on site in Ulladulla, Shoalhaven

South Coast Tree STUMP GRINDING Services: Ulladulla and surroundings

Above The Tree Rest Care and its highly trained tree specialists offer a variety of different tree services in the Ulladulla area: Tree Lopping, Tree Removal, Tree Stump Grinding and Removal, Tree Pruning & Trimming, Mulch Delivery, and more!

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